Hanoi to Ba Be and Ban Gioc waterfall 3 days

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Cao Bang,Viet Nam
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About this tour

Cao Bang, jokingly said in the way of the people here, is “on High but Bang”, which is famous for being a charming country with a beauty that makes visitors never get bored. These are Ban Gioc Waterfall, Pac Bo cave, Lenin stream, historical places that any Vietnamese people have heard. Apple Travel’s 3 days 2 nights Ba Be – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Nguom Ngao Cave tour will give you the opportunity to see and feel all the beauty of nature and people here.

  • Discover Ban Gioc Waterfall – the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam
  • Explore Nguom Ngao Cave – one of the longest and most beautiful caves in Vietnam
  • Admire the fairy scene at Ba Be Lake
  • Enjoy the specialties of Cao Bang, Bac Kan
  • Attend the unique Tay ethnic music experience night.

APPLICATION FROM NOW TO December 31, 2021:

Unit: 1000vnd/pax

Hotel or equivalent 2 star hotel <10 guests 10-14 guests 15-20 guests 21-25 guests 26 – 30 guests >30 guests Single room surcharge
Ba Be: Home stay in Pac Ngoi village, Cao Bang: Ks Thanh Loan, Kim Dong 2,810 2.747 2.401 2.169 2.171 2.133 560
Children from 1 to under 5 are free of charge Free
Children from 5-7 years old charge 50% (Have a seat in the car, sleep with parents) 1.405 1.373 1,200 1.085 1.086 1.067  
Children from 8-11 years old charged 70% (with car seat, sharing room with parents, with extra bed) 1,967 1,923 1.680 1.518 1,520 1.493  
Children 12 years and older (full service as adults) Just like an adult
Note:  Program is weather dependent. The tour itinerary and menu can be changed to suit the time, weather and actual situation of the group. However, still ensuring the quality of the tour, enough routes as the announced program. 



  • Shuttle bus according to the schedule
  • Experienced, enthusiastic guides throughout the route
  • Hotel accommodation standard 2 people/room
  • Meals in the program: 5 main meals. Meal rate: 120,000 VND/person * 5 meals. Side meal: 30,000 VND/person
  • Sightseeing fee, entrance ticket once according to the program
  • Boat tour of Ba Be Lake
  • Travel insurance throughout the route, the highest level is 20,000,000 VND/person/case
  • Drinking water 2 bottles/person/day, cold towel.


  • Tips for driver, tour guide
  • Drinks, phone calls, laundry expenses or other personal expenses
  • Eating outside the program
  • Extra cost of standard self-contained room in Pac Ngoi village 150,000 VND/person
  • Sightseeing tram at Pac Po . cave
  • VAT 10%.


<span> DAY 01:</span> HANOI – BAC KAN – BA BE Lake (Lunch, Dinner)

06.30: Xe và Hướng dẫn viên đón đoàn tại điểm hẹn khởi hành đi Bắc Kạn. Trên đường đi, đoàn nghỉ ngơi và dừng chân ăn sáng (Chi phí tự túc). 11.00: Đến Hồ Ba Bể, đoàn về bản Pác Ngòi nhận phòng. 11.30: Ăn trưa tại bản. Nghỉ ngơi. 14.00: Qúy khách ra bến thuyền, bắt đầu hành trình khám phá Hồ Ba Bể – Đây là một trong số không nhiều hồ nước ngọt tự nhiên lớn và đẹp của thế giởi trên các vùng núi. Khu vực hồ Ba Bể có vẻ đẹp tự nhiên và thẩm mỹ đặc biệt, bao gồm 3 hồ nhỏ, nhận nước của 2 con sông chính ở đầu nguồn phía Nam của hồ và đổ vào sông Năng tại phía Bắc. Hồ chưa bao giờ bị cạn khô, nước luôn trong và sạch. Đến với Hồ Ba Bể, du khách không chỉ được thưởng ngoạn cảnh sắc thiên nhiên đẹp, mà còn được thưởng thức những đặc sản riêng có nuôi dưới hồ như cá, tôm cùng nhiều món ăn đặc sắc khác như gà đồi, rau rừng, lợn sữa, nếp nương, măng trúc,… 19.00: Ăn tối, sau bữa tối, đoàn tự do nghỉ ngơi hoặc tham gia chương trình giao lưu lửa trại, thưởng thức các tiết mục văn nghệ do các cô gái dân tộc Tày biểu diễn (Chi phí tự túc). Nghỉ đêm tại Ba Bể.

<span> DAY 02: </span>BA Be Lake – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Lagoon Cave – DAO PHUC SEN SOLID WORK Village (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

06.00: You get up early, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy breakfast at the hotel. 07.00: Car and tour guide pick you up and depart for Cao Bang. On the way you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery of the Northeast mountains. 11.30: Have lunch at the restaurant, enjoy specialties of Cao Bang. 13.00: Depart for Ban Gioc waterfall, 53m high waterfall, divided into 3 floors is considered the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam and the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. The waterfall is also a border with China and a landmark of the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland. 15.30: Continue to visit Nguom Ngao cave - one of the beautiful caves in Cao Bang 16.00: On the way back, the car takes you to visit Phuc Sen Blacksmithing Village - where the word mop has been famous throughout the country for its traditional farming tool forging, closely associated with the life of the Nung people, and has become become a unique cultural feature of this land. 17.30: Return to the hotel, check in, rest 19.00: Dinner and overnight at hotel in Cao Bang city. You are free to walk around Cao Bang city at night. Overnight in Cao Bang.

06.30: After breakfast, check out hotel procedures. Then the car picks you up to Pac Po cave, Lenin stream. Pac Po is a famous revolutionary relic, where Uncle Ho worked and directly led the Vietnamese revolution. The name Pac Po also literally means "source mouth". Visiting this historical site, visitors can understand more deeply about the great life of President Ho Chi Minh, so that in their memory they will live forever his revolutionary optimistic poems. “In the morning, I go to the river bank and enter the cave in the evening Cement sheath vegetable porridge is ready The stone table stands against the Party's history Life truly is revolutionary to" 11.00: Lunch at Cao Bang. 12.30: The car takes the group back to Hanoi, on the way back, the group stops to rest, free to enjoy local specialties. 18.30: Arrive in Hanoi. At the end of the trip, the car takes the group to the end of the program to see you in the following journeys.


3 Days 2 Night



Frequently asked questions

– The order of attractions in the program can be changed to suit the journey time. However, our company still guarantees the point programs for you.
- Tour price does not apply on public holidays.
– Surcharge for single room 650,000 VND / person / tour (Applicable in case guests want to stay alone during the journey).
– Surcharge 250,000 VND / person when joining the tour on holidays and Tet.

– Cancel the tour right after registering up to 10 days before departure, a fine of 30% of the tour price.
– Cancellation of tour within 5-10 days before departure date, penalty 50% of tour price.
– Cancel tour within 3-5 days before departure date, penalty 75% on tour price.
Cancel tour within 0-3 days before departure date, penalty 100% of tour value.
– Holidays are non-refundable, non-cancellable, non-changeable, and the above cancellation policy does not apply.
– With the impact of the COVID19 epidemic, the company will provide flexible support to customers.

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