The story of how Utopia Vietnam Travel comes about: Long before Covid-19 happened I dreamed that one day I would open and operate a travel company on my own. With my extensive experience working in the leisure travel industry, I wanted to form a travel company to help bring foreign tourists to visit Vietnam to see the beauty of our country with a personal touch and after the visits they would feel very happy and satisfied. In 2022, as Covid started to subside I began to file paperwork to form the company, but I struggled to come up with a name for the company. I then asked a friend in the United States for help to come up with an English name that is catchy and with the vision that I have in mind. He did some research and told me, “The word ‘Utopia’ would fit with the vision for your company – a travel company that makes guests feel perfectly great and satisfyingly happy during and after their itineraries.” So that’s how my company was formed. Utopia means earthly paradise.


The journey will be as beautiful as the garden of paradise that God has given to humankind. Utopia Vietnam Travel wishes to help more tourists discover every part of the globe.


Thank you to all the guests who have booked and traveled with us. And to those who are thinking about booking and traveling with us, please give us a try, you will not be disappointed.