1. Trang Tien Plaza
Trang Tien Plaza is about 900m from The Oriental Hotel & Spa

Trang Tien Plaza is a commercial center of Hoan Kiem district, with a prime location in the heart of the capital, near Hanoi Post Office and overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake. Located in the Old Quarter area, Trang Tien Plaza is located on the street of the same name in Hoan Kiem district, very close to the Hanoi Post Office and overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake, on the site of the old Hanoi General Department Store. Many historical documents have recorded that this place has a prime location in terms of feng shui, converging the spirit of wealth and prosperity, suitable for long-term commercial development. Therefore, at the beginning of the Nguyễn Dynasty, a zinc mint was opened here, so the street was named Trang Tien. Through many historical periods, the street had a number of other names but eventually returned to the old street name. This is not only the most luxurious commercial center of the city, but also a historical work showing the beauty and delicate culture of the capital.
Trang Tien Plaza is the first high-end luxury shopping mall in Hanoi with many famous international brands, home to more than 200 famous brands of fashion, cosmetics, bags, shoes and accessories… These include famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Zegna, BVLGARI and some other high-end international brands.

Not only is this an ideal shopping place, it is also a place of entertainment and luxury cuisine. This place promises to be an ideal shopping destination for fashionistas as well as brands.

2. Lotte Center

Besides large commercial centers such as Vincom, Royal, Aeon Mall… the name Lotte Center has become a shopping, entertainment and sightseeing destination not to be missed for Hanoians and tourists. Lotte Center Hanoi is 2nd skyscraper in Vietnam. The building has 65 floors, modern architectural style. This place is also considered as a symbol of Hanoi capital in the future. Lotte Center is known as the 3rd “skyscraper” in Vietnam and the second in Hanoi (after Keangnam Hanoi). Previously, Lotte Center was listed as the second tallest building in Vietnam, after the appearance of the 81-storey Landmark in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017 “usurped” the runner-up and moved Lotte to the 3rd position. However, this is the building with the second largest floor area in Vietnam after the 72-storey Keangnam Landmark.
Lotte Center Shopping Center is located in the Lotte Center Hanoi building, the intersection between modern life and ancient features of Hanoi. Surrounding the commercial area is an international standard infrastructure system such as schools, embassies and large businesses. The goods sold here are also very rich and easily accessible. There are countless reasons to choose Lotte as a frequent shopping place for fashionistas of the Ha Thanh ladies and gentlemen. Countless popular fashion brands from mid-range to high-end segments such as Kelly Bui, Elise, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste … or some brands that have just heard the name have “jumped up” like Balenciaga, Off-White, Fendi , Celine… and some other familiar names Item du Jour, The Blue Tshirt,…no stranger to young people were gathered at Lotte Center.
Lotte is not only a tourist destination, shopping and visiting the showrooms and showrooms of high-quality and high-quality goods… but also a place to stay for the elite and those with well-off incomes, on the 65th floor of Lotte It is also an interesting “gathering” that attracts young people in Ha Thanh by a newly discovered stop. With such a high position, visitors can observe the whole city. In addition, the most attractive thing is the Sky Walk area located next to it, this place is equipped with a thick layer of glass with large bearing capacity that can accommodate about 10 people. Therefore, it is possible to allow visitors to see the view of the city right at their feet.
3. Vincom Mega Mall Time City
Vincom Mega Mall is located in the chain of commercial centers of Vingroup, which is the largest underground super-commercial center in Southeast Asia with a total area of up to 230,000 m2. This is a complex of the largest commercial and entertainment center in Vietnam according to the international standard model of MegaMall.
Here, there is a full range of very diverse and unique items from apparel to furniture, food and entertainment areas. Not only that, this place is also one of the most attractive destinations today for not only young people but also the entire population of Hanoi.
The focal point of VMM Times City is an extremely large shopping area with a consumer hypermarket of more than 11,500 m2; The shopping center gathers hundreds of famous brands of fashion, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, household appliances, electronics, furniture, etc., which are famous domestically and internationally.
The restaurant area has a variety of dishes from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan… with nearly 100 restaurants with four-way flavors, with diverse operating models, different types of cuisines. rich… Food Street is the ideal place to enjoy cuisines of regions in the country and around the world in a unique, new and friendly space.

Vincom Mega Mall Time City especially impresses visitors by its outdoor music area, aquarium and vocational playground for children. You will be free to explore the exciting ocean world and enjoy the performances of mermaids, watching divers feed the fish. Performances at the Aquarium are also meticulously prepared and unique, promising to bring visitors special moments of relaxation.

4. Aeon Mall Long Bien
Although appearing recently, Aeon Mall Long Bien has gradually become one of the hottest commercial centers today. With the highlight of General Department and Aeon supermarket and more than 150 specialized stores, we bring customers a variety of products, services and interesting shopping experiences. It is 5 km east of Hoan Kiem Lake – Hanoi city center.
The commercial center has an extremely large ground area, reaching 9.6 hectares. At Aeon Mall Long Bien you will find a full range of services, chain restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, food, entertainment… from affordable to high-end for you to choose from. Along with that, we provide customers with thoughtful and impressive facilities, showing sophistication and understanding customers with Japanese-style dedicated service.
Aeon Mall Long Bien is divided into 4 floors with utilities divided by area. The first floor is a chain of department stores, supermarkets, fashion and cosmetic stores. The 2nd floor is designed into a separate space with the largest children’s play area in Hanoi and shopping brands specifically for children.
Food lovers will not be missed with a diverse space, bringing special flavors from many countries located on the 3rd floor. Aeon Mall also has the largest cinema cluster in Vietnam CGV, a modern Bowling area in top floor. Coming to Aeon Mall, you will be free to participate in many interesting and useful games, visit and shop for many unique items. Aeon Mall Long Bien is very popular with young people because it is an extremely ideal place and suitable for the crazy party and “virtual living”. The young people of Hanoi keep giving this place a super luxurious name: Aeon Mall giant studio.
5. Aeon Mall Ha Dong:
With a space of 150,000 m2 and more than 200 booths from domestic and foreign brands, it is currently the largest entertainment paradise in the North.
Coming to Aeon Mall Ha Dong, you will be amazed and overwhelmed by the unprecedented modernity of this commercial complex. The most prominent is the green, airy and environmentally friendly space, saving energy. The guidance system supports finding places, restaurants, and stores located near the escalator at a glance with the most modern 4.0 technology.
There are many delicious restaurants, high-end fashion stalls and many attractive amusement parks. So on the weekend, don’t forget to take time for an outing at Aeon Mall Ha Dong and spend the day experiencing this Japanese-style mall. So, coming to Aeon Mall Ha Dong, you should experience interesting activities not to be missed such as: Cheap places to eat at Aeon Mall Ha Dong, shopping with famous brands around the world, having fun in the area. play Timezone, watch movies at the pinnacle IMAX technology cinema,…
Not inferior to Aeon Mall Long Bien, Aeon Mall Ha Dong also brings an extremely relaxing virtual living space from every angle, just like a real European space, it feels like just standing anywhere, Any camera can have good photos.