1. Bar Ha Long H Club
Address: Group 7, area 4, Bai Chay, Ha Long
Ha Long Bar with the largest scale at the moment is H Club. It has a luxurious space, the most modern sound and light system and famous DJs to create a vibrant and bustling atmosphere for the guests.
You can come here to enjoy the music, enjoy the light show and enjoy the high quality drinks. The menu of the bar has a reasonable and reasonable price for you and your friends to enjoy an evening to the fullest.
2. Sky Bar 16th
Address: 16th floor, Royal Lotus Ha Long hotel, A13, Lot 1, Dong Hung Thang 2 area, Ha Long
The second bar in Ha Long that goldencoto.vn wants to introduce to visitors is Sky Bar 16.th. There are both indoor and outdoor spaces for you to choose your seating preferences.
The youthful, modern style and bright colors of Sky Bar 16th are suitable for many people, especially young people who love elegance and courtesy. Ending the evening at Sky Bar 16th is the best choice when you travel in Ha Long city.

3. Halong Bay View Hostel & Pub
Address: 80 Ha Long, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
Naming the famous Ha Long bar, it is impossible not to mention Halong Bay View Hostel & Pub. The bar has an open facade, “extroverts” but the inside brings a cozy feeling.
4. Moonlight Sky Bar Ha Long
Address: 94 Ma May, Ha Long
If you want to find a Ha Long bar with deep black tones, go to Moonlight Sky Bar. Bar designed with hexagon bar, yellow lights create a luxurious feeling and make the space more sparkling. You can sit at the bar to enjoy wine, listen to music and watch the performance of the bartenders.
5. Sky21 Bar & Lounge
Address: 21st floor, FLC Grand Hotel Ha Long, Nguyen Van Cu, Ha Long
Bar in Ha Long has an elevated position for you to enjoy the view, only Sky 21 Bar & Lounge of FLC Grand Hotel.
The lavish and magnificent architecture and the fanciful shimmering light system make this place an ideal place for visitors to come and experience. The bar has a relatively large area, divided into many different areas to satisfy the needs of visitors.
6. Ha Long Bar – Form Club
Address: Bai Chay, Ha Long
Suggesting a next Ha Long bar with vibrant music and bright lights for you to come have fun and relax is Fom Club. The area of the bar is not too large, but it is loved by many people because of the quality of service and good experience.
Right from the moment you step in, you will feel the excitement that the bar brings. The menu has a wide variety of drinks and side dishes. The bar does not charge guests an entrance fee. Among many choices of Ha Long bars, you can consider going to Fom Club to experience.

7. Valley Beach Club Outdoor Bar
Address: Area B, Sungroup Bai Chay beach, Ha Long
If you want to find an outdoor bar in Ha Long, why not come to Valley Beach Club? This is a bar with a completely open space for you to enjoy freely and comfortably under the night sky of the city.
The stage of the bar was set up extremely majestic. Modern sound and light thanks to the use of equipment imported from abroad. Not only that, the bar regularly has the presence of foreign DJs, promising to bring hot, vibrant and memorable music parties for visitors amidst the fanciful night seascape.
8. New Ha Long Club
Address: Tran Thai Tong, Group 6, Area 6, Yet Kieu, Ha Long
New Ha Long Club is one of the leading and most popular Ha Long bars in the tourist city. The location of the bar is quite far from the city center, but it does not affect the heat of this place.
The bar has a spacious space and is divided into many different areas for visitors to choose from. The sound and lighting are both equipped with the most modern and imported equipment for you to experience the best music and lighting.
New Ha Long Club also regularly invites famous singers and DJs to perform. You can expect the best, epic experience at this place.

9. Rooftop Café & Bar Ha Long
Address: 1 April 25th Street, Hon Gai, Ha Long
The last Ha Long bar on this list for visitors to refer to when coming to the mining land is Rooftop Café & Bar. This bar has a rooftop location on a modern building. Standing here, you will be able to see the city from above to the fullest. In particular, you can also see the poetic Gai island from the bar’s position.
The music of the bar is mainly gentle, quiet symphonies. People can come to chill, enjoy the scenery, enjoy wine, listen to soft music and chat with friends. Those who love this light, simple style bar must definitely come to experience it once in a lifetime.

10. Dupin Coffee & Bar Ha Long
Address: 21st Floor Ha Long DC, 25th Street, Ha Long
The second Ha Long coffee and bar combination model for visitors to the mining land is Dupin Coffee & Bar. The bar is located on the rooftop of DC Ha Long building. Standing here, you will see the beauty of the beautiful bay from above.
The space of the bar has a simple and polite design but still shows a luxurious and trendy look. Warm tones such as orange, red are used reasonably to create accents and help increase the “feel”. The menu has reasonable prices and is divided into many different segments according to the weak market of customers.
If you want to find a place away from the noise of the outside to chill and enjoy the night view, then immediately refer to this Ha Long bar address!