Hoi An mango cake is a typical cake in Hoi An ancient town. Mango cakes are sold on street vendors all over the old town. Visitors can easily find and buy them to enjoy or buy them as gifts.

If the fun in Hanoi in the fall is to enjoy the new flavor of green rice, then when traveling to Hoi An in the fall, you must definitely try Hoi An mango cake. Hoi An mango cake must be eaten at the right place to be ready. Join Vinpearl to save the 9 best places to buy mango cake in Hoi An in the article below.

1. Some details about Hoi An mango cake
Hoi An mango cake is one of the precious Hoi An specialties. Especially in the fall, when the air is cold, pure white mango cakes will appear on the stalls and in small roadside cake shops. At first glance, you can imagine them as small mangoes. Interestingly, the name of the cake has nothing to do with mango – it comes from the shape of the cake.

This cake is not simply a snack, but also contains memories of childhood, when every bite into the thin, delicious crust of the cake awakens sweet memories. The thin, smooth crust combined with melt-in-your-mouth sugar and the fragrant aroma of peanuts makes Hoi An mango cake a journey reminiscent of the happy days of childhood.

Hoi An mango cake is not only a street food, but also a symbol of the unique culture and cuisine of the ancient city of Hoi An. For the people of Hoi An, it plays an important role in maintaining and preserving the culinary heritage of the homeland, is an indispensable part of daily life and is the pride of local people. .

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2. Where is the best place to buy Hoi An mango cake?
2.1. Mango Cake Ba 4 Mua
Address: No. 30/2 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoi An
Reference price: 15,000 VND/5 pieces
Mango Cake Ba 4 Mua is a famous place to enjoy mango cake in Hoi An. This stall is trusted by many diners and many shops also take cakes here to resell. You can find a variety of cakes such as mung bean cake, pig skin cake, orange cake, pepper cake, and especially mango cake. This is the perfect place to try a variety of delicious Hoi An specialty cakes at very reasonable prices. The soft, supple crust and the filling of peanuts, sesame, and sugar create a unique and irresistible sweet and savory flavor.

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2.2. Buy quality Hoi An mango cake at An Hoi bridge
Address: An Hoi Bridge (near Cau Pagoda), Hoi An
Reference price: 5,000 VND
You can find unique mango cakes in the An Hoi Bridge area, where there are many vendors selling Hoi An ancient town specialties. These Hoi An mango cakes are often handmade, with a thin and soft crust, covered with a very special layer of pure white dough.

The filling is usually made from peanuts, sesame, and sugar, giving the typical sweet and fatty flavor of mango cake. Enjoying a mango cake at An Hoi Bridge in the night space of the old town is an enjoyable experience and contributes to enriching your trip.

2.3. Cau Go mango cake
Address: Wooden bridge near Hoi An Bridge Pagoda
Reference price: 5,000 VND/piece
Cau Go Mango Cake is a famous place to enjoy delicious Hoi An mango cake. Located near the Hoi An Bridge Pagoda wooden bridge, this is one of the popular stops for tourists. The mango cake here is often attractive because of its thin, flexible crust and sweet and fatty peanut cake filling. Although there are no signs or information in English, you can easily identify them by the attractive shape of the mango cakes on the vendors’ shelves.

2.4. Hoi An Ba Duc mango cake is delicious and cannot be missed
Address: No. 12 Phan Thanh Street, Hoi An
Reference price: 5,000 VND/piece
Ba Duc Mango Cake is a familiar and favorite address in Hoi An when buying unique mango cakes. In particular, Hoi An Ba Duc mango cake is sold at private homes, so it is very easy to find. The way to make Hoi An mango cake here has something very unique, impressing with its thin, flexible crust and filling from fatty peanuts combined with sweet granulated sugar without being fed up. Reasonable prices and close space make Ba Duc Mango Cake a favorite destination of tourists who want to enjoy or buy Hoi An specialties as gifts.

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2.5. Hoi An market mango cake
Address: Hoi An market
Reference price: 5,000 VND/piece
Hoi An Market is a great choice to try authentic Hoi An mango cake at a reasonable price. Not only mango cake, but Hoi An market also has many other specialties such as pork skin cake, grilled rice paper… Mango cake in Hoi An market usually has a thin, flexible crust, inside is peanut, sesame and sugar. creates a characteristic sweet and greasy flavor. This makes enjoying the mango cake at Hoi An market an enjoyable experience when you visit and shop in this city’s famous night market.

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2.6. Hoi An mango cake at the intersection of Nguyen Hue – Tran Phu
Address: Nguyen Hue junction, Tran Phu, Hoi An
Reference price: 5,000 VND/piece
Located at the intersection of Nguyen Hue – Tran Phu, this shop attracts a large number of tourists and locals. The cake counter here is diverse with many delicious cakes, including Hoi An mango cake, green bean cake, pork skin cake, and many other traditional cakes. The thin crust of the mango cake at this shop is usually made from pure white flour, flexible and not too much to create a balance with the filling from peanuts and sugar. Hoi An mango cake at Nguyen Hue junction is also famous for its emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness. All cakes here are carefully packaged in plastic wrap, ensuring product safety and hygiene.