The pedestrian street area (near THE ORIENTAL JADE HOTEL & SPA) and the night market in Hanoi’s Old Quarter (near ORIENTAL SUITES HOTEL & SPA) always have a great attraction for locals and visitors. Strolling here with friends and relatives on the weekend, enjoying delicious food, immersing in special performances will help visitors relax and recharge for an effective week ahead.

Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is an interesting shopping and entertainment space for Hanoians and tourists near and far. This place is not only for entertainment but also for community connection, regardless of young or old, boys and girls, just like you can freely visit and enjoy many unique experiences.
1. Where is the Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market and when is it open?
1.1. Address, Hours of Operation
The old town night market, also known by many as the name associated with the famous market of Hanoi – Dong Xuan night market has become familiar to the people of Hanoi.
Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market was officially opened in 2003, operating from 18:00 – 23:00 on weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). The market is located on the ancient streets of Hanoi, stretching 3km along the streets of Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Hang Khoai to the gate of Dong Xuan market.

This place gathers up to 4000 stalls with a wide variety of items ranging from clothes, toys, souvenirs to handicrafts, food stalls… with relatively affordable prices. with the “wallet” of the majority of tourists.
1.2. How to get to the Old Quarter Night Market in Hanoi?
To get to Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market, visitors can use different means of transport, for example:
Personal vehicle (storage at the beginning of the pedestrian street, Dong Xuan market or nearby houses, the cost of sending ranges from 10,000 – 20,000 VND)
Bus route 09, 36, 14, … or 01, follow the navigation on Trieu Quoc Dat street, then walk into Trieu Doan → Au Trieu → Cathedral.
2. What’s attractive about Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market?
Entering the market, visitors will be immersed in the space of colors and the atmosphere is extremely vibrant and bustling. This is really a rustic “shopping paradise” right in the heart of the capital. So what does the Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market have? Discover now!
2.1. Bustling market selling a variety of goods
Dong Xuan night market not only attracts tourists everywhere because of its far-reaching reputation, but right here, visitors can freely shop and choose a variety of items at the unique fair.
Every 3 weekends, the Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is a busy gathering place for traders and tourists from all over the world. With approximately 4,000 large and small stalls, thousands of items ranging from clothes, shoes, handicrafts, handmade products, accessories such as hats, glasses, bracelets, etc. very reasonable and affordable. For example:
Sweaters, jeans are priced from 90,000 – 150,000 VND;
Decorative keychains, unique fun pictures priced from 15,000 – 20,000 VND;
Cloth bags, handkerchiefs, socks, bags, shoes… are priced from 20,000 VND – 200,000 VND/depending on the item.

2.2. Food heaven to satisfy foodies
One of the “specialties” of the night markets is the food stalls. At the Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market, serving a variety of dishes and drinks with styles from Asia to Europe, foodies are spoiled for choice, for example:
Grilled meat skewers: 20,000 VND/skewers
Tornado potato, dried beef mango salad: 20,000 VND/piece
Sausage: 15,000 VND/piece
Handmade candy: 10,000 VND
Bear cake: 60,000 VND/bag
Korean barbecue: From 20,000 VND/skewers, depending on type.
Korean Kimbap/Tokbokki with sauce: 30,000 VND/piece
Thai ice cream rolls in many flavors: from 30,000 VND/piece
Drift cake, hot tofu: 10,000 – 20,000 VND/bowl

Only 270m walk from Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is Ta Hien “sleeping street”. Every night when coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the bustling space of people passing by. The image of young people or foreign tourists chatting and sipping cool beer has made a strong impression on those who first visit Ta Hien. It seems that all barriers of language and culinary culture have been erased, all blended in a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. All sip some snacks and enjoy the Hanoi nightlife in every moment.
*Tips: If you are a fan of nightlife in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, you can go straight from Ta Hien to Hang Buom Street. Here, there are dishes such as: banana cake, potato cake, quart, grilled snail, boiled snail, … quite delicious and attractive.

2.3. Unique folk art performance
Did you know that at the two ends of the pedestrian street in Hanoi, every Saturday night, there are cultural and artistic performances performed by the Vietnam Musicians Association. Performances such as chau van, cheo singing, ca tru… attracted great attention from locals and tourists.

In addition, in the area along Hoan Kiem Lake, there are often fun and entertainment activities for children, young people of school age, students … very exciting and unique. You can come watch or participate in activities to increase community connection.