Ha Long city in Quang Ninh province, 180km from Hanoi, this place has long been famous for the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay. Ha Long certainly cannot escape the title of “Northern tourist paradise” of Vietnam. With the possession of many famous landscapes, each year, this place attracts tens of millions of visitors from both domestic and international.

1. Ha Long Bay
Well, the first name when you want to explore Ha Long tourism will definitely be Ha Long Bay. This is the most famous place here with majestic nature including thousands of large and small floating islands, mysterious caves with unique shapes. And yet, when coming here, we can take a boat to visit many other interesting places such as: Ngoc Vung Island, Dragon Eye Island, Con Coc Islet, Sung Sot Cave, …
Ha Long Bay has an area of 1,553km2 with the number of up to 1,900 large and small limestone islands with diverse shapes. It has been voted by UNESCO as one of the natural wonders of the world. Ha Long Bay is definitely the name to visit first, but if you are interested in other places, we can start with the names below.

2. Cat Ba Island
If you want to explore Ha Long tourism more clearly, you can go to Cat Ba Island (Pearl Island), this is an island in the Cat Ba archipelago in the south of Ha Long Bay. This place always knows how to win the hearts of tourists from all over the world with its unspoiled natural beauty, majestic and unnatural nature, this place is known as the Pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin.
Cat Ba 3-Day Island Tour with Lodging, Meals, Hotel Pickup 2023 - Hanoi
Visiting Cat Ba archipelago, in addition to tourism, we can visit the Marine Protected Area, National Park or even the World Biosphere Reserve. Well, it’s worth it to visit a spot that opens your eyes so much!
3. Hon Gai
Add an address to explore Ha Long tourism for us with the name Hon Gai. To come here, visitors will have to go through Bai Chay bridge, which is also the political and cultural center of Ha Long city. At Hon Gai, there are many tourist attractions, which are ideal for relaxation.
Ăn chơi phủ phê' tại Hòn Gai Hạ Long cẩm nang du lịch chi tiết 2023
Coming to Hon Gai, visitors will witness the harmonious natural beauty between mountains and waves from Ha Long Bay. This place is also located many attractive addresses for us to visit such as: Ha Long Museum, artificial beach, Vincom Plaza Ha Long, … and many works such as: Church, harbor, Hon Gai’s seafood market, … carefree discovery.
4. Bai Chay
Coming to Ha Long and skipping Bai Chay, it cannot be called traveling, this is a super beautiful artificial beach located next to Ha Long Bay. And also considered the most beautiful beach in this area with a length of nearly 1,000m, you can freely experience the clear blue water and smooth white sand.
If you have finished swimming, remember to create more beautiful check-in photos for yourself here. Or participate in other activities such as: Cycling, boating, beach games, … is also another interesting choice for you.
Kinh nghiệm du lịch Bãi Cháy tự túc | Wyndham Legend Halong

5. Cua Van fishing village
Now, let’s explore Ha Long tourism with many attractions, now let’s change the wind a bit. Visiting Ha Long, tourists can visit Cua Van Fishing Village, this is an ancient fishing village on the bay with many fishermen catching seafood.
Cua Van Fishing Village: A Tranquil Oasis in Halong Bay
Famous for its idyllic beauty, visitors can learn and immerse themselves in many activities of this place. Watching fishing boats, enjoying fresh seafood or participating in many activities such as rowing, squid fishing, fishing, … at Cua Van fishing village will certainly be extremely interesting.