If you are a book enthusiast, you certainly cannot help but know about Dinh Le book street – a place to relax and “live virtually” every weekend for Hanoi’s youth. Let’s find out interesting things about this street!

Dinh Le Street is considered the “paradise of knowledge” of Hanoi. At this Hanoi tourist destination, you can find thousands of rich and diverse books. Besides, book lovers can also meet and chat with domestic and foreign authors.

1. Where is Dinh Le Street?
Hanoi Dinh Le Street is located in Trang Tien ward, Hoan Kiem district – right in the heart of Hanoi city. Therefore, moving to this place is quite easy, you can use bus, motorbike or car.

Phố Đinh Lễ
Dinh Le Street is located in the center of Hanoi city, quite easy to move around (Photo: collected)


2. The origin of Dinh Le book city
During the Le – Trinh dynasties, Dinh Le street was originally a stream flowing next to the Ngu Long building. During the French colonial period, the street was built from filling the lagoon separating Ngo Quyen and Sword Lake streets, then in 1949 it was renamed Dinh Le city until now.

In the 90s, Dinh Le street was known as a “market” for buying and selling US dollars and German coins, becoming a bustling “bookselling triangle” thanks to two state-owned bookstores located on Trang street. Money is Quoc Van and Foreign Language. Through ups and downs and changes, the name “book street” originating from a sidewalk book stall has gradually become a “paradise” for those who love reading.


3. Favorite bookstores on Dinh Le street
Dinh Le street bookstores are very diverse to serve the needs of readers. Here are the “gut” addresses that the bookworm association definitely cannot miss when coming to Dinh Le Street.

3.1. The oldest Mao Ding Le bookstore on the street
Address: No. 5 Dinh Le Street, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District

Located in a small alley on Dinh Le street, Mao bookstore is about 200 square meters wide and is the most ancient and unique bookstore in Hanoi. This is the address for those who want to find a quiet place to brood over the pages of a book. In addition, the vintage beauty of old bookshelves and spiral staircases will become interesting check-in backgrounds for virtual living enthusiasts.

Phố Đinh Lễ

3.2. Lam Bookstore
Address: 3 Dinh Le Street, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District

Lam bookstore welcomes a lot of readers because of the variety and richness of books. Here, there are many types of books from professional and academic to the lines of psychology, love language, horror, … at affordable prices, suitable for many different audiences.

3.3. Kim Dong Bookstore
Address: No. 15 Dinh Le Street, Hoan Kiem District

Phố Đinh Lễ

Kim Dong Bookstore is one of the famous and familiar places to many generations of readers. This place mainly provides books and stories for children. The space is neatly and scientifically decorated, including chairs so children can have their own space to read books.

4. Check in Dinh Le street – countless beautiful virtual living corners
Dinh Le Street is home to many bookstores with diverse designs, from simple colors, modern architecture to vintage spaces. This is the “genuine” check-in place for young people in Ha Thanh. In addition to bookstores, you can also go to the small square in the middle of Dinh Le street or walk under the cool green trees.

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