In addition to o mai, rice cake, lotus tea, visitors to Hanoi can buy silk in Van Phuc village or Bat Trang pottery as gifts for relatives and friends.

O mai: With all the sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors like converging the quintessence of Ha Thanh cuisine, O mai is a gift that many people choose to buy as a gift when leaving Hanoi. The most famous address of this snack is Hang Duong street. Visitors can find here their favorite types of apricots such as apricots, plums, ginger, crocodiles, star fruit, lemons, kumquats, persimmons, peaches, toads, tamarind, etc. , you should choose the type of umbrella apricot, because it has a sweet taste made from the sour fruit very typical of Hanoi. Depending on the type, apricot umbrella costs about 100,000 – 150,000 a kg.

Com: The incense of Vong village has long created a unique charm for the capital’s cuisine. However, because it is only available in the fall, Hang Than rice cake is a perfect alternative for many tourists. The rice cake is soft on the outside, with a layer of green bean paste mixed with greasy coconut inside, with a faint natural scent of grapefruit.

Lotus tea: Tay Ho lotus tea will definitely be a precious gift for relatives and friends after visiting Hanoi. Because marinating lotus tea is an art with a lot of time and effort. The dried tea wings, after being selected from the best, will be marinated 5-7 times with lotus rice (white seeds on the lotus stamen) to absorb the flavor. The marinated lotus must be the type grown in the lagoons of West Lake such as Nhat Tan, Quang Ba because it is fragrant and gives the most rice.

Van Phuc silk: Thanks to its thin, soft, cool and durable color, less wrinkles, silk is very popular with tourists. Whether it’s winter or summer, visitors coming here can find gifts from silk such as scarves, shirts, skirts, bags… In addition to Van Phuc silk village (about 10 km from the center of Hanoi), You can also buy silk at stalls on Hang Gai or Dinh Liet streets.
Bat Trang Pottery: If you have the opportunity to visit Bat Trang, do not forget to buy ceramic products of the traditional craft village. With its distinctive glaze color and skillful craftsmanship, Bat Trang ceramics have their own unique beauty. Besides commonly used cups, bowls, glasses and cups, there are also products dedicated as gifts such as wind chimes, statues… Visitors to the pottery village can also make their own bowls. , jars, vases, cups for gifts, both meaningful and interesting experiences.