Each ethnic group’s wedding has its own distinctive features based on their customs, culture and religion. Marriage is an important ceremony for Christians. These rituals of theirs are held very closely and are very respected.
1. Location
Church, it is the holiest place for religious people and also the place they like to choose the most to hold their wedding. They believe that weddings performed here will be witnessed by God. God will be the witness and protector of the marriage that unites his two pious sheep.
2. Witness – indispensable
A witness is understood as a person representing God such as a parish priest or a priest. A Christian wedding may not be held in a church, but the witness is indispensable. The pastor or priest is present for God in this important ceremony, is the witness and manifests God’s will to allow two people to be married.
3. Major Rituals
The wedding of a Christian is considered a religious activity. There is prayer, church songs and a bible sermon on marriage.
Like the Eastern people, the wedding is held in the presence of a large number of relatives, friends of the bride and groom, and of course, the witness is the parish priest or priest.
The groom was already waiting on the high platform, in front of the Witness to wait for the bride. The bride will appear with her father and be brought to the groom by his father. In front of everyone witnessing everyone, if the two agree to marry, they will promise to love each other for life. Their promises are made public. The promise is extremely important, it is not only a commitment to life together between husband and wife but also has spiritual significance as their promise to God.
When both people have agreed and promised before God, the witness will declare the two officially become husband and wife. The groom will exchange rings and kiss the bride in front of everyone as if to publicize their marriage to all.

4. Some interesting things unknown
The ring with the circle shape is considered by God to be a symbol of permanence and eternity. Therefore, the ring is an indispensable item and is given to the bride by the groom as a promise that they will live a lifetime together.
At some Christian weddings you will see the bride and groom, each holding a candle. Don’t be surprised because each candle they hold represents each person’s separate life before marriage. Both will use each other’s candle to light another candle and blow out their own candle.

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