6. Vincom Center – Ba Trieu

Address: 191 P. Bà Triệu, Lê Đại Hành, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội
Monday : 10 AM–10 PM
Tuesday :10 AM–10 PM
Wednesday :10 AM–10 PM
Thursday (Children’s Day) :10 AM–10 PM
Friday :10 AM–10 PM
Saturday : 9:30 AM–10 PM
Sunday : 9:30 AM–10 PM
It is undeniable that Vincom Center’s chain of centers always brings surprises and interesting experiences to customers. With a large supermarket system, vibrant game area, European-style food stalls, modern movie theater. Despite being established for a long time, Vincom Center – Ba Trieu is still the most popular tourist attraction regardless of the time of year.
Vincom Ba Trieu, also known as Vincom Center Hanoi, Vincom City Towers officially operated since 2004. Address Vincom Ba Trieu is located at 191 Ba Trieu Street, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City. Interior.
At first, Vincom Center Ba Trieu was just a commercial center and high-class office for rent with 21 floors divided into two towers A and B, but up to now, this tower has been built as 3 interconnected buildings including office blocks, high-class apartments and busy commercial center. The complex currently includes 3 towers A, B, C and has the following contiguous directions:
Tower A: adjacent to Doan Tran Nghiep street and Ba Trieu street
Tower B: adjacent to Thai Phien and Ba Trieu streets
Tower C: symmetrical with towers A, B and facing Bui Thi Xuan street
2 towers A and B have modern equipment of international standards. The tower consists of 3 interconnected buildings located near the center of Hanoi city, less than 2 km south of Hoan Kiem Lake. Currently, the tower is a busy shopping and entertainment center next to office blocks and high-class apartments.

Do not rush to be overwhelmed by the price because this is a shopping complex with all the amenities designed and decorated in a very modern style. No need to wonder if Vincom Ba Trieu can satisfy all the needs for fun and entertainment, friends! Not inferior to Royal City, Times City, … Vincom Ba Trieu is famous for its Game Center – a place where many attractive games are gathered, attracting all ages. You can’t go wrong if you call this place an extremely attractive, diverse and delicious “dining paradise” with a full range of dishes that are typical of many countries.

7. Discovery Complex
: Discovery Complex Building – No. 302 Cau Giay – Hanoi.
Surely, recently, if you have the opportunity to go through Cau Giay Street or the surrounding streets, you will see the highlight of the building called “Discovery Complex” with a very prominent decorative LED system.
Along with Keangnam and Lotte Tower, Discovery Complex building is called the “3 giants of Hanoi” with the number of floors of 70, 65, 54 respectively. Accordingly, if you live in a remote location, you also It is easy to see that this building shines most prominently. With its important location and special scale, Discovery complex is the only project in Hanoi that is directly connected to the elevated railway station. It is easier than ever to move from the building to the central or neighboring areas of the whole city.
With the desire to serve customers, with 8 floors, the whole is used as a commercial center. Thousands of famous brands in the world and Vietnam and a system of high-class standard restaurants, bars and cafes are located at the foot of the building to serve the needs of shopping, shopping, entertainment….
8. Vincom Mega Mall Royal City
: No.72A Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi ;
Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00 every day

Considered as a miniature “European city”, Vincom Mega Mall (VMM) Royal City – The first commercial center complex in Vietnam developed according to the international standard Mega Mall model – “a destination – every need – many options”.
Referring to VMM Royal City, it is impossible not to mention a super shopping center with nearly 300 stalls converging leading domestic and international brands. Food Street is also a very unique highlight of the shopping center with nearly 100 restaurants gathering culinary quintessence from around the world. After several years of operation, VMM Royal City still holds the record of the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. At VMM Royal City, the booths are distributed by area with different product groups, best serving the specific and diverse needs of customers. Modern design booths, high quality products and services, and attractive promotions for each event will satisfy even the most discerning shoppers.

Arriving in Royal City, one of the special points that impresses you is the extremely unique architecture right from the elaborately designed welcome gate that creates an interesting overwhelming feeling when you enter a large square. to nearly 30,000 m2 with art sculptures made from monolithic stone in elegant European style, promising to be the venue for major events in the future.

9. Big C Thang Long
: 222 Tran Duy Hung Road, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
Big C Thang Long has long become an attractive shopping and entertainment destination for everyone. Topsmarket always strives to constantly improve in terms of facilities, equipment and service quality to give customers the most comfortable shopping and entertainment space.
On the first floor of Big C Thang Long supermarket, there is a sales area of famous fashion brands, jewelry, electronics, etc. This is the area where quality products are displayed, which are more expensive than in some other areas. Usually, this is an area for people with good economic conditions.
On the 2nd floor is a supermarket area with hundreds of thousands of items, displayed on the aisle to help buyers easily find the products they want to buy. Items such as dry food, drinks, spices, dry goods, household appliances, etc. are displayed in each stall and arranged in a reasonable manner.
Food court with delicious dishes. All the food here is very fresh and guaranteed. Food court, a very private space with delicious dishes just like a restaurant. The dishes are cooked directly by the chefs here, bringing to diners hot and attractive dishes.